Maintenance Services

Management is having expertise of managing high end parks, palaces, golf clubs, residential communities, high end terrace gardens, tower landscapes, roads, cities infrastructure, schools, clubs & sports complexes.

Landscape management includes daily,weekly monthly & yearly horticultural practices with seasonal activities like flowers replacement on time & date palm care practices i.e Khalafa, Nabat to mention a few. Fertilizer application & pesticide application is done as per recommendations & approved safe list of chemicals from Dubai Municipality.

Irrigation management includes visual inspections,periodic preventative maintenance PPM, pump room & pump servicing, drip-line flushing for best reliable output to landscape. Only Dubai Municipality prescribed & approved items are used in maintenance to give value added services to clients.

Indoor maintenance includes weekly visits & nurturing of plants with watering, cleaning, feeding, misting, trailing & rotation as per approved cultural practices to give best indoor-scape habitat for individuals & environment we serve.